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Emlyn's Moon
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Book 2: Emlyn's Moon
By Jenny Nimmo
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Young magician Gwyn and his friends Nia have been warned to stay away from Emlyn Llewelyn, the strange boy who claims his mother lives in the moon. And yet, a mysterious magic continues to draw them to him. But why?

The answer lies in a spider's web, and ice-cold flower's glow, and the haunting whispers of children from someplace far away. It's up to Gwyn and Nia to solve the mystery, with the help of Arianwen, the Snow Spider.

It was a cold night, the gray clouds drifted south and the moon sailed out bright and statling from behind the mountains. Falling through frosted glass, it filled the yellow bathroom with soft light, and Nia, sleepless with impatience, knew that she had found a safe and secret place to do her work.


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