Q: How did Momma Bunny and Poppa Bunny meet? You're so "right" for each other!
Poppa Bunny:
"Well, it all happened one Autumn in March. I was out shopping for a remote control for my socks, so naturally, I went to the grocery store".
Momma Bunny: "Duh, yeah. Then he bumped into me! I was in the frozen food section trying to get my vaccum cleaner fixed. It was love at first sight! I got into his car and we drove straight to the check-out stand."
Poppa Bunny: "Everybody in the store was so happy for us. They were all jumping up and down and screaming!"
Momma Bunny: "We wanted a June wedding, so we got married the next day!"
Baby Bunny: "I don't remember any of this!"

Q: Do you consider yourselves dumb or do you think that you're just misunderstood?
Poppa Bunny: "Duh, we don't understand the question."

Q: Why do you always frolic about wearing only your underwear? Is your hero Captain Underpants?
Poppa Bunny: "Duh, I like underwear! It cures 'nudity' on contact!"
Momma Bunny: "Besides, it isn't very nice to frolic around 'naked' like Peter Rabbit or the Velvetene Rabbit! Some children's books are SO OFFENSIVE!"
Baby Bunny: "Captain who?"

Q: If you could meet anybody, who would it be ?
Poppa Bunny: "Duh, we'd like to meet Dan Quayle. He's such an inspiration!"
Momma Bunny: "He's our favorite cartoon character!"
Baby Bunny: "I thought he was a Muppet?"

Q: Do you know how to read? If so, what are your favorite children's books?
Poppa Bunny: "Duh, my favorite book is called "Smellaluna". It's a scratch-n-sniff book. You can sniff every page, and it smells just like paper!"
Momma Bunny: "My favorite book is called "Are You There, God? It's Me, Stone Phillips". It's all about this guy with hair, and I think he's a singer or something.
Baby Bunny: "I like 'Where the Mild Things Are'. My favorite part is where that Willy Wonka guy makes the curious monkey go through that mirror."

Q: How did you spend Easter this year?
Poppa Bunny: "We already celebrated it last summer, on December 24th!"
Momma Bunny: "We had a glorious time trick-or-treating!"
Baby Bunny: "Yeah! And I got to decorate the turkeys. Boy were they mad!"

Q: What do you most like to find in your Easter basket?
Poppa Bunny: "Duh, how about a V.C.R? It might be more fun to watch all our videos if we had a V.C.R!"
Momma Bunny: "Duh, yeah, but how could we ever afford a V.C.R?"
Baby Bunny: "We could sell the T.V!"

Q: Do you celebrate any other holidays?
Poppa Bunny: "Duh, we celebrate the Fourth of July... but we can never remember which month it occurs."
Momma Bunny: "Or which day!"
Baby Bunny: "It doesn't matter, though. We still enjoy all the "Fourth of July" pumpkins and chocolate hearts!"

Interview courtesy of barnesandnoble.com. Used with permission.