Here are ten questions to test your Captain Underpants IQ. Click the circle next to your answer. When you're done, click SUBMIT and find out if you're really a Wedgie Wiz!

Never fear . . . if you get some wrong, you'll get a chance to try again on the ones you missed! (Maybe this time, you can ask your kids for help!)

1.   How can you tell George and Harold apart?

Harold wears a tie and George wears a tee-shirt

George has puffy hair and Harold wears a tie

George wears a tie and Harold has a really bad haircut

Harold is really tall and George is fat
2.   Who "wrote" The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby?

George and Harold

Dav Pilkey

Deputy Dangerous

Captain Underpants
3.   How does Principal Krupp turn into Captain Underpants?

Snapping your fingers three times

Ringing a school bell

A 3-D Hypno-Ring

First by a 3-D Hypno-Ring, later by finger snaps
4.   What does Captain Underpants fight for?

To rid the world of Evil and Spray Starch

Happiness, Freedom, and Wedgie Power

Freedom, Justice, and Free Toilets for Everyone

Truth, Justice, and all that's Pre-shrunk and Cottony
5.   What's the extra-special interactive technique used in all of the Captain Underpants books?




6.   What gives Captain Underpants the ability to fly and empowers Wedgie Woman's hair?

Extra-Strength Super Power Juice

Super-Evil Rapid Growth Juice

Anti-Evil Zombie Nerd Juice

Ultra Nasty Self-Destruct Juice
7.   What's the Gerbil Jogger 2000?

George and Harold's science project

A new kind of gerbil wheel

What the Cafeteria Ladies serve for lunch

Part of Professor Poopypants' plan for world domination
8.   What are the names of The Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space?

Zorx, Cleedon, and Bonnie

Mary, Sue, and Imelda

Zorx, Clax, and Jennifer

Clax, Creeax, and Cathy
9.   What has Mr. Krupp never made George and Harold do?

Clip Principal Krupp's nails

Write a hundred sentences on the board

Wash his car

Take a time-out
10.   How does the narrator describe George and Harold?

Behaviorally Challenged

Clever and Good-Hearted Boys

Kids with No Future

Criminally Insane