Amaze your friends! Control your enemies! Rule the world!
Romping Robot Power Punchout
spacer Create your own comic book with your favorite Captain Underpants characters, and even Ook and Gluk.
Captain Underpants and the Robo-Booger Roundup
Help Captain Underpants round up the Robo-Boogers. But your first task is to transform Principal Krupp into the mighty Captain Underpants.
Underpants vs. Blunderpants
image image
  Think flying is easy? Play as Captain Underpants or find a friend and battle each other as Captain Underpants vs Captain Blunderpants. The winner gets a special drop-kick round with the loser. It's underpants fun at its finest!
Romping Robot Power Punchout
spacer Help Captain Underpants and Super Diaper Baby turn their friends into superheroes by flinging them into the sky!
Romping Robot Power Punchout
space Meet Robo-George and the Harold 2000 as they go head to head in a Robot Rumble!

Mischievous MazeMaster 2001TM Nasty NoiseMaker 3002TM Wedgie Power!

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