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Belts: The New School Fashion? | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/7/2011
Florida's new “Pull Your Pants Up” law requires students to keep their pants pulled up to their waists.

Fire Tornadoes! | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/7/2010
Last week, a wildfire and a tornado in Hawaii combined to form what's known as a fire tornado. A week earlier, there was another fire tornado in Brazil.

Sports Spotlight: Mia Hamm
Scholastic News Online | 9/7/2007
Mia Hamm and her 5-month-old twins were in Oneonta, New York, on August 26, 2007, for her induction into the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

September is for Sports!
Scholastic News Online | 9/7/2007
September is for Sports! NFL, WNBA, U.S. Open and more this weekend. Are you ready for some football, basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball? If so, this is the weekend for you! It is the perfect storm of playoffs, championships, and opening weekends for most of the major popular sports.

The Power of the Beat
Scholastic News Online | 9/7/2007
The best marching bands from the United States and Canada strutted their stuff at the The Drum Corps International Championship in Rochester, New York, on September 2, 2007.

Congress Faces 9/11 Commission Recommendations
Scholastic News Online | 9/7/2004
After a six-week summer break, Congress returned to Capitol Hill and raced to act on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

President Obama Nominated for a Second Term | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/6/2012
Former President Bill Clinton speaks at Democratic convention.

Lee Batters the South | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/6/2011
Tropical Storm Lee struck the South hard this week, following a summer of extreme heat and record-breaking wildfires in the region.

A Winner in Mexico
Scholastic News Online | 9/6/2006
After two months of uncertainty, Mexico has a new President. On Tuesday, the Federal Electoral Tribunal ruled that Felipe Calderon's July 2 victory is valid, and that a second election will not need to be held. Calderon will officially take office on December 1.

Student Makes Fuel From Algae | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/5/2012
A Minnesota teen has discovered a way to power trucks and cars with algae.

A Record-Breaking Summer | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/5/2010
How did you spend your summer vacation? Check out some of the astounding records set over the past few months.

Celebrating Labor Day | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/5/2010
Many people think of Labor Day as the end of summer. But what's today's holiday really about?

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