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Literacy Learning at Home

To extend literacy learning beyond the classroom, create a booklet of ideas that parents can use to make their home print rich. Here are some ideas to include:

>> Make a family job chart to illustrate how family chores will be shared.

>> Involve children in writing lists of things to do or shop for.

>> Use a calendar to mark important upcoming events.

>> Write letters or e-mails together.

>> Sort through mail with your children, allowing them to keep the "junk" mail. (Remember: Children enjoy filling out forms and surveys that come in the mail.)

>> Collect photos of a trip, label them, and place them in a small album. Read these "family books" together.

>> Write children reminders of what needs to be done around the house (clean up toys, water plants, feed pets).

>> Record and read family-related myths, stories, and past events to children.

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    Building Language for Literacy Phase 2 Garden Place Unit

    Building Language for Literacy Phase 2 Garden Place Unit

    Building Language for Literacy is a research-based program that develops children's oral language and early literacy skills. Independent research shows that this program significantly increases vocabulary, language, and letter and word identification skills for English- and Spanish-speaking children!

    The unique structure for Building Language for Literacy centers around "Places" in the community benefiting both teachers and children. This program:

    • Fits into teachers' existing curriculum
    • Builds on children's prior experiences
    • Fosters multi-cultural awareness and understandings
    • Connects school to home and encourages parent involvement
    Choose the units that match your current topics and themes - or those that are children's favorite places to visit!

    Each Phase Two Place Unit includes:

    • Program Overview
    • Teaching Guide
    • 3 Trade Books (1 copy each)
    • 1 PlaceBook
    • 1 Mini-Book (6 copies)
    • 1 Audiocassette

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    Supplementary Collection | Grades PreK-K
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    Building Language for Literacy Phase 2 Garden Place Unit
    Grades PreK-K $99.95
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    SECP Favorite Classroom Topics

    SECP Favorite Classroom Topics

    Create a complete early childhood enviornment.

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    SECP Favorite Classroom Topics
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