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Linking Outdoor Learning to Literacy


Your outdoor area is a literacy-rich environment where children can experiment with language, letters, and words:


  • Play outdoor riddle games such as "I Spy with my little eye something that grows tall and rhymes with flea."
  • Use nature materials as props for group storytelling.
  • Read books about outdoor adventures and nature under the trees.
  • Practice letter writing with water and paintbrushes on the sidewalk.
  • Build an imaginary garden in the sandbox and tell a fascinating story about it.
  • Act out favorite storybooks on play equipment. The climber is perfect for the "monkey tree" in Caps for Sale. Try using the balance beam for "Three Billy Goats Gruff".
  • Take a letter walk to look for familiar letters on signs and walls.
  • Invite children to label the outside environment.
  • Listen to the sounds of nature and try to replicate them.
  • Write the longest word children can think of on the playground pavement.

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    I Need Stitches

    I Need Stitches

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    Every active child gets lots of cuts and scrapes. Luckily most heal easily on their own. Every once in a while, though, there’s a deep cut that requires stitches. This book helps readers understand when a wound needs to be stitched, how a doctor puts in stitches, and how to take care of the wound afterward.

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    Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collection: My Amazing Five Senses

    Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collection: My Amazing Five Senses

    This selection of books is built to teach children about the biology of the senses, how the senses aid our understanding of the world around us, and how to classify what the senses discover.

    Help children succeed in school and in life by reading aloud for 20 minutes a day using these content-rich collections.

    Read the books in sequence to build vocabulary and knowledge around a topic. Each daily read-aloud provides one piece of the puzzle to help children on their knowledge quest to see the big picture!

    Choose recommended activities from the guidebook to suit your schedule and needs. Every guidebook provides:

    • Summary of prior knowledge
    • Content objectives
    • Vocabulary lists
    • Read-aloud guides
    • Activities that target Common Core
    • Supplemental book list
    • Reward certificate
    • List of collections for upcoming grades

    Knowledge Quest! helps you make learning fun, accelerate a child's vocabulary growth, and build skills that meet national standards. For complete information about this program, visit:

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