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A Historic Find

It was supposed to be an inexpensive work of art, but it turned out to be a priceless piece of history.

In 1989, an unsuspecting shopper forked over $4 for a painting while hunting for bargains at a local flea market. After noticing a tear in the painting, the owner made a stunning discovery. Tucked behind it was an original copy of the Declaration of Independence!

Eleven years later, TV producer Norman Lear purchased the historic document for $8.2 million with a special goal in mind-he wanted to share the "People's Document" with the American public. Now, his dream has come to life with the Declaration of Independence Road Trip, a project that will bring the 225-year-old document cross-country over the next two years.

"The Declaration of Independence is the birth certificate of our nation-a living document that represents the ideals and promises we must strive to reach," says Lear, who founded the project. "Young people are the key, and they must know that their voices mattter."

Now, Lear's Road Trip project has teamed up with Scholastic to create an innovative curriculum program. Premiering this month, The Declaration of Independence: A Living Blueprint for Democracy will carry the document's inspirational messages to millions of middle and high school students nationwide.

Scholastic President, CEO, and Chairman Richard Robinson is hopeful that the curriculum will inspire America's students to become involved in the future of their country.

"The Declaration of Independence is a living document that affects people's lives in a truly profound way," he says. "As a company dedicated to ensuring that all children are active citizens, we must demonstate how relevant its messages are to young people in their everyday lives."

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