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Web Site Highlights

While preparing the report, Scholastic editors and reporters spoke with teachers, students, firefighters, police officers, and many others personally affected by the tragedy.

The editors assembled stories that highlight our nations continuing resolve in the face of a daunting enemy. They prepared activities that recognize heroic acts (Hall of Heroes) and spur creativity (Design the Future).

An entire section spotlights young people who showed support for the rescue workers and victims families, while a scavenger hunt on diversity and tolerance helps foster Web research skills. On our national poll page, students will find a forum for their ideas and opinions, and a spark for thoughtful discussions at home or in the classroom.

Parents will find guidance on talking with children about 9/11 one year later from renowned experts, including Dr. Stanley Greenspan, known for his unique research and clinical work in child development and author of the new book The Secure Child: Helping Children Feel Safe and Confident in an Insecure World; and Dr. Bruce Perry, the internationally recognized child-trauma expert.

Parents also will find information on new books from Scholastic that will help children to understand the events of 9/11 and share their pride in America.

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