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New Connections to English

Scholastic's New Connections to English for grades k-8: Build the background knowledge and academic vocabulary English language learners need to succeed in English.

Sticky-note Activities (Grades K-8)

Fun, free, printable activities by teachers, for teachers.

Fun, Printable Activities for February (Grades K-8)

Free, fun printable activities, by teachers, for teachers

Free Lessons and Printables (Grades K– 8)

Fun, free printable activities by teachers, for teachers


Thanksgiving Recommended Books

Recommended books for grades K–8 about Thanksgiving.


Blue Ribbon Web Sites

Announces the winners of Instructor and Macromedia's Blue Ribbon Web Site Contest for K-8 teachers, and also lists honorable mentions.

Scholastic Online | Classroom Books: Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge Classroom Libraries are essential reading in content areas, music, and visual arts designed to support the Core Knowledge curriculum for Grades K-8.


A Practical Guide to Creating Super Readers

Every Kid A Super Reader offers a practical approach to teaching reading in grades K–8. Included in the book are close reading activities, ideas for family involvement, and other great resources to support literacy instruction.


Ideas on How to Act: Be Informed, Speak Up, Act Lesson Plan (Grades 3–5)

Use these ideas to show your K–8 students how they can actively participate in their government and communities. Educate your class on important current issues and give them ways to express their opinons.

Scholastic.com | Teachers: Lesson Plans: Light the Spark

The 'Light the Spark' Schwab Learning mini-site will provide free and informative lesson plans and resources for teachers of K-8 students with learning disabilities (LD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), and other learning difficulties.


Teaching Vocabulary: Lesson Plans and Activities from Scholastic Professional Books

Organize your vocabulary instruction with these lesson plans and activities from professional books for teaching vocabulary.


"The Gift of the Magi" Vocabulary Activities

These vocabulary activities help students to learn definitions and also to use and apply the vocabulary words in various contexts.


Vocabulary Activities

Help students build vocabulary and deepen comprehension with engaging word activities.


Fun and Easy Vocabulary Activities

Here is the first installment of games to assist students in retaining the meaning of  vocabulary words.

Weather Watchers: Activity Page (Weather Vocabulary)

Practice reading weather clues to figure out the name of a kind of weather.