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Scholastic News Edition 4
Scholastic News Edition 4 provides exciting science and social studies features and helps kids build their geography skills.

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Scholastic News Edition 4: April 26, 2010

TEACHERS: Click here to print a copy of this quiz for students.

Parents can use robot teachers to __.
  1. send messages to their child in school
  2. monitor their child's behavior at school
  3. check on their child's progress
  4. both A and C
Which of the following is an opinion?
  1. Some robot teachers use voice recognition technology.
  2. Robot teachers improve students' learning.
  3. Robot teachers are used in South Korea.
  4. Robot teachers recite stories.
What would be the best word to describe the high-priced Superman comic book?
  1. valuable
  2. worthless
  3. common
  4. new
How is Mutley the scuba dog unique?
  1. He can swim.
  2. He lives in California.
  3. He likes getting wet.
  4. He has a scuba license.
Which of the following crops rely on bees for pollination?
  1. almonds
  2. apples
  3. cherries
  4. all of the above
CCD is puzzling because __.
  1. it causes bees to disappear without a trace
  2. it destroys beehives
  3. it is affecting only U.S. honeybees
  4. none of the above
Which of the following will likely be affected by CCD?
  1. the availability of food
  2. the price of food
  3. the number of bee colonies in the U.S.
  4. all of the above
Beekeepers, like the ones pictured in "Bees Feel the Sting," use __ to keep bees from attacking them.
  1. water
  2. smoke
  3. honey
  4. pesticides
What is the author's main purpose in "A Soaked Spring"?
  1. to educate readers about predicted flood risks in the U.S. for this spring
  2. to entertain readers with adventure stories about floods
  3. to show which parts of the U.S. are the sunniest
  4. to inform readers that California will get more rain than Virginia
Which is a reason that forecasters say the upper Midwest has a high chance of experiencing floods this spring?
  1. citizens leaving the water running
  2. tsunamis
  3. cold weather
  4. the El Niño weather pattern