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Meet Winter the Dolphin

What's Your Dolphin IQ?

Where in the World Are Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins?

Bottlenose dolphins can be found all around the world, swimming everywhere but in the coldest ocean waters. Some migrate from place to place while others spend their lives in one area. On the East coast of the United States, Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins live both near shore and further out in the sea. Use the Internet to help you answer the multiple choice questions.


1. Which state would you not find Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins?
  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. California
  4. All of the above
2. Some migrate up and down the East coast. How far would a dolphin have to travel from New York to Florida?
  1. 100 miles
  2. 500 miles
  3. 1,000 miles
  4. 2,000 miles
Why do you think they travel so far?
  1. Seasonal ocean temperature
  2. Movement of food
  3. Warmer waters for calves
  4. All of the above
4. Dolphins often travel in groups for hunting and protection. What is a group of dolphins called?
  1. Pod
  2. School
  3. Herd
  4. Flock
5. Much of the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin range is in human populated areas. What problems might result from living so close to people?
  1. Getting caught in commercial fishing nets or line
  2. Being fed low quality fish
  3. Getting tangled in trash
  4. All of the above