Veterinarian Michael Ziccardi has helped clean oiled birds at more than 45 oil spills around the world. The Director of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network has personally cared for hundreds of oiled pelicans in his career. In the Gulf Coast, he is helping with sea turtle and marine mammal rescue. Recently, Scholastic News Online interviewed him about how to clean a pelican.

These photos illustrate some of the steps that Dr. Ziccardi describes in his interview.

(Photos: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo by Kim Bretton; Lee Celano / Reuters; Charlie Riedel / AP Images; Charlie Varley / Sipa Press / NewsCom; Charlie Varley / Sipa Press / NewsCom; Lee Celano / Reuters; Charlie Neibergall / AP Images; Gerald Herbert / AP Images)

Source: Scholastic News Online