VELCRO® brand Word Wall

Create a wall of words in your classroom to help students master common sight words and build their vocabulary.

Students will practice reading sight words and other target vocabulary words through fun games centered around a classroom word wall.

VELCRO® brand Removable Poster Hangers (one pack recommended), cardstock or index cards, bingo sheets, pencils

Blank Bingo Sheets


1. Begin by printing common sight words and target vocabulary words on cardstock or writing them with a marker on index cards. Laminate the cards if possible. Using VELCRO® brand Removable Poster Hangers, create a word wall space that can accommodate 10 to 20 word cards.

2. Review the target words with students by chanting each word together as you place its word card on a VELCRO® brand Removable square on your classroom word wall.

Play one or all of these fun word games to help students practice the words on your classroom word wall. Once students have mastered the initial group of words, add new word cards to your word wall with VELCRO® brand Removable Replacement Coins.

Word Game #1: VELCRO® brand Bingo
Give each student a blank bingo sheet and ask him or her to fill in each space with a different word from the word wall.  Explain the rules of bingo and show students the winning pattern you will use for the game (five spaces in a row, all four sides of the sheet, an "X" pattern, etc.). Once students have filled in their sheets, take all the words down from the wall and place them in a basket. Draw one word at a time and show it to the class. Ask students to say the letters that form the word and then read the word as a whole. Stick the word card onto the word wall. Continue drawing word cards until a student has a "bingo!"

Word Game #2: VELCRO® brand Word Snatch
Divide the class into two groups and have each group line up in front of the word wall so that the student at the head of each line are at least 6' from the wall (a piece of tape on the floor marking the starting line can help keep both teams honest). Call out a word from the wall. The first student to snatch the word from the wall gets to keep the card for his or her team. Both players go to the back of the line and the next two students compete for the next word. Play continues until all of the words have been removed from the wall.

Word Game #3: VELCRO® brand Complete My Sentence
Divide students into small groups and give each group an equal number of word cards from the word wall. Ask students to each take a turn reading their team's cards to their teammates. Then write out a sentence on the board that contains a blank for a missing word-wall word. The teams must look at their cards to see if any of their words could fill in the blank. Once the missing word is found, the class reviews the completed sentence and the word card is placed back on the wall. Write new sentences until all the words have been used.

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