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Energize Me! Understanding Energy and its Impact on Our Environment

In this lesson, students will gain an understanding of energy and its impact on our environment.

Through discussion and interactive activities (both online and at your location), your class/group will:

1.  Learn the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy resources.
2.  Be able to identify several kinds of renewable energy resources.
3.  Name energy resources used in your classroom/school/community.
4.  Understand the concept of energy efficiency.
5.  Learn why and how to incorporate green practices into their daily lives.
6.  Develop skills to safely and easily research topics on the Internet using the decision engine, Bing.

Computer with internet access


1. Energize Me & Get Me Thinking! sample in-class discussion and online exploration (10–15 minutes)

•    What is energy?
Energy is needed to bring about change, so we need it for everything we do! For example, our cars need energy to drive from one place to another and light bulbs need energy to change dark to light.

•    There are two kinds of energy: renewable and non-renewable.
Renewable energy is energy we will never run out of, such as solar power from the sun. The sun will continue shine, so its’ heat and light is a renewable source of energy for us. Non-renewable energy is energy we will run out of, such as oil and other “fossil fuels.” At the rate we burn through oil in our cars, we will eventually run out.

Let’s look online and see if we can find some other examples of renewable and non-renewable energy.

Go to and type in the following questions or phrases. Click on the first link to get your answer.

What are some forms of renewable energy?
SEARCH: “What are some forms of renewable energy?”

What are the renewable energy sources in your city?
SEARCH: “Renewable energy sources [your city]”

Ask students to share their answers with the class as they search.

2. What Resources Energize Me? sample field research/exploration (15-20 minutes)

Take your class on a mini-scavenger hunt to discover what kinds of energy are used in your school and community.

  • 1. How many different types of light do we have in our classroom?
  • 2. What kind of energy heats our school/building in the winter?
  • 3. What kind of energy is used to cook food in our cafeteria?

3. Making Changes Energizes Me! sample follow-up discussion & scoring (10 minutes)

What could we do to save more energy? Discuss easy ways your students think they can make non-renewable energy last longer, such as turning off lights when they’re not in use and taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

Is your school energy efficient?  Are other schools in your area energy efficient?

Are there schools in your state that use solar power?
SEARCH: “FEE Schools” and “solar”
-    Click on the first link to see if there are any solar schools in your state!


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