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About This Lesson Plan

Earth Science


1 Class Period

Picture-Perfect Language Arts

Photo Scavenger Hunt NEW!

Students will celebrate Earth Day by applying what they’ve learned about studying the natural world. The class will use a digital camera to capture outdoor imagery and to help them understand the importance of scientific inquiry.


Students will:

  • Learn from careful observations and simple experiments
  • Use pictures to aid in comprehension of text
  • Understand level-appropriate vocabulary

Photo Scavenger Hunt (PDF) printable
1 digital camera per group of 4 students (if multiple digital cameras are unavailable, complete the activity as a class)


1. Lead a class discussion about Earth Day. Explore the history of Earth Day with your students and identify key issues associated with today's celebrations of Earth Day. For background information about Earth Day, please visit:

2. Distribute the Photo Scavenger Hunt (PDF) student printable.

3. Help students understand the basic elements of scientific study. Review the key words at the bottom of the printable with your class. Invite students to share a story or example of a time when they observed, experimented, or investigated.

4. Tell students that when they did any of these things, they were being scientists. Explain that in the next activity they will all get to be scientists outdoors!

5. Read the instructions at the top of the page aloud. Then separate students into groups of four or more. Provide each group with a camera to record what they find. Tell each group to share the camera and let each member take pictures.

6. Instruct students to head outdoors to begin their photo scavenger hunt.

7. Once the students have completed their hunt, return to the classroom and ask each group to show their photographs of the different items. You can upload the photos to to easily view the images on a computer monitor.

8. When the photos have been shared, upload the images to your classroom page on Share the images with your students' families to show the fun scavenger hunt activity that their children did in your classroom!

Shutterfly Bonus Activity:
Create a classroom collage. Pick your students' favorite pictures from the scavenger hunt and create a collage poster on Once you receive the poster, have your students autograph their team's picture. Hang it up in your classroom to remind your students about Earth Day all year long. You can also easily order photo prints and make your own collage poster in class.

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