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60 Mins

Kiss the Cow! Lesson Plan

Kiss the Cow! is a sweet book with a simple tale, that students can easily relate to. Students enjoy watching this story unfold, and the impending kiss between Luella the cow and Annalisa.

Students will "identify similarities in plot, setting, and character among the author or illustrator." --Massachusetts English/Language Arts Curriculum Framework


  • Kiss the Cow! by Phyllis Root
  • Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola

You may wish to record student's thoughts and ideas on chart paper.

Have students talk about Annalisa's decision to disobey her mother, and the consequences. Tell students you'll be reading another book, and they should be thinking about how it is similar to Kiss the Cow! 

After reading Strega Nona, allow students time to talk about the similarities and differences they notice between the two books. Some questions to help during these conversations:
"Has your curiosity ever gotten you into trouble?"
"Did Annalisa have good intentions?  Did Big Anthony?"
"How are the endings similar?  How are they different?"

Come up with a similar scenario and write a class poem for the "spell." Give students time to write their own tale with someone's curiosity leading to trouble. Have students generate ideas for a class book.

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About the Author

Jeremy Brunaccioni is a kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts.

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