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In the Tall, Tall Grass Lesson Plan

In the vein of In the Small, Small Pond, Denise Fleming does it again with In the Tall, Tall Grass, creating a rhyming book that students enjoy. Students enjoy trying to identify the rhyming words.

Students will "recognize and produce rhyming words." --Massachusetts English/Language Arts Curriculum Framework


  • In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming
  • sentence strips
  • a marker

Use the sentence strips to copy the text from the story, and cut the words apart. Keep the words sorted according to the pages they appear on.

With the words sorted according to page and spread out on a table, work with a small group of students to identify the rhyming words. As students identify the words, put the rhyming words together and take time to note any patterns.  For example, after spreading out "strum, drum, bees hum," and reading it aloud while pointing, students would identify strum, drum, and hum as rhyming words. Students would then discover that all of these words end in "um."

It may be helpful to have students place highlighting tape over the portions of the words that rhymes.

Choose some of the rhyming words featured in the book and generate lists of other rhyming words.

With older students, play Concentration using rhyming cards based on words from the book.

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About the Author

Jeremy Brunaccioni is a kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts.

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