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Fragments of 9/11 | News For Kids, By Kids
Scholastic Kids Press Corps | 9/8/2011
With the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11, Washington, D.C., has been a buzz of activity as our nation's capital prepares for the day of remembrance. One of the most noted events in the area is September 11: Bearing Witness to History at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of American History.

Dolphin Tricks for Treats | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/8/2011
Bottlenose dolphins in Australia may be teaching each other how to catch fish with conch shells.

9/11 from the Perspective of a Young Arab-American | News For Kids, By Kids
Scholastic Kids Press Corps | 9/8/2011
As a young American Middle Eastern, Kid Reporter Charlie Kadado was raised to appreciate his heritage and exhibit my American pride. He is American born, American raised, and a proud American. But after the attacks on 9/11, he and his family became confused by the misconceptions of his race.

Memories of 9/11, Ten Years Later | News For Kids, By Kids
Scholastic Kids Press Corps | 9/8/2011
On September 11, 2001, Emily Sussell was an 11-year-old New Yorker. It was her fourth day of 6th grade at Intermediate School 89, just four blocks away from the World Trade Center. Everyone thought it was just another normal day ?? until a loud crash shook the school building.

Rats With a Mission | Scholastic News Online
Scholastic News Online | 9/8/2010
The African giant pouch rat would send cats running: It's about 30 inches long from head to tail. But this special species of rat has been trained save lives by detecting land mines.

Students React to Obama Speech
Scholastic Kids Press Corps | 9/8/2009
President Obama visited Wakefield High School on its first day of school to talk to the students.

Election 2008: McCain Courts Michigan
Scholastic Kids Press Corps | 9/8/2008
Parking spots were almost impossible to find at a post-convention rally for Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain and his vice-presidential candidate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Shaking Up Tennis at the U.S. Open
Scholastic News Online | 9/8/2008
Five years in the life of a professional athlete can be an eternity. That's how long it has been since Serena Williams lost her ranking as the No. 1 women's tennis player in the world.

Oprah's Olympics
Scholastic Kids Press Corps | 9/8/2008
Thousands of people from all over the world packed into Millennium Park in Chicago for a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show and to see Olympians such as Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson, and Kobe Bryant, among 150 others.

Election 2008: Meet Joe Biden
Scholastic News Online | 9/8/2008
Learn more about the life, family, and policies of Senator Joe Biden, the 2008 Democratic vice presidential candidate.

Remembering 9/11
Scholastic News Online | 9/8/2006
A new study published this week links the dirty air at Ground Zero after the September 11th attacks to lung problems of many rescue workers. In the largest study to date, doctors at Mount Sinai Medical Center found almost 70% of rescue workers exposed to the polluted air at the site soon became sick. The study will be published in the Journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

Special Delivery
Scholastic News Online | 9/8/2006
This is an article about the birth of a giant panda cub at the Atlanta zoo.

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