Jacob Schroeder

Jacob Schroeder


Jacob Schroeder lives in Oregon and was born in 1999.

Favorite Subject: History

Music: rap, classical, hip-hop, spanish music

Extracurricular Activities: kayaking, fishing, reading, making models, chess, acting, archery, gymnastics, traveling, robotics, and more!

Hobbies: baseball, soccer, tennis, drawing, acting, performing magic shows, electronics, Play Station, Egyptology

When Jacob grows up, he hopes to be a lawyer or even President of the United States!

As a second-year Kid Reporter, Jacob is looking forward to meeting new people, and continuing to improve his writing.

He is also excited about being on the front lines of the 2008 presidential election. "If I could vote, I would vote for [candidate] Bill Richardson," he said. "I live in New Mexico, and he is our governor. I interviewed him, and he was interesting and nice."

Jacob thinks kids should be interested in the election because they should know what is going on in their country. "The person who will be our next president could really make a difference for kids and adults," he said.

In his free time, Jacob likes to play with his friends and with his dog. He is in the third grade in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an only child.


The Great State of New Mexico

By Jacob A. Schroeder
Scholastic Kids Press Corps

The first question you need to be ready to answer when you come to New Mexico is “red or green?” New Mexico is known for its (red and green) hot chili peppers. It’s fun to watch the peppers roasting. They get really hot and turn black and blister. We like to buy bushels of chili peppers to make great New Mexican food dishes.

You can see lots of chili peppers if you go to the New Mexico State Fair. I think our fair is the best around! Dried red peppers are made into wreaths and strings of them are hanging everywhere you look. There are small chili peppers and big ones. A lot of the food booths use them as ingredients. Some chili peppers are extremely hot. Watch out—they can burn your mouth! Some are just mild, definitely a safer choice. Chili peppers are so popular that you might even see paintings with chili peppers at fair exhibits.

You can see plenty of great paintings and art if you visit some of our museums. One of my favorite artists is Georgia O’Keefe. I learned about her and went to Santa Fe, the capital city, to see some of her artwork. There are a lot of famous artists and great museums there.

I live in Albuquerque. We have an enormous balloon festival, a lot of cool museums, and the world’s largest aerial tramway! Sandia Peak Tramway has a great view, as well as hiking trails, skiing, and mountain biking. I also love to bass fish and camp.

There are a lot of things to do outdoors around Albuquerque and in New Mexico. I’ve only lived in New Mexico for a year, so I know there is a lot more that I will still get to learn about the fun and interesting state I live in.

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