Millie Hernandez

Millie Hernandez


Millie Hernandez lives in Texas and was born in 2000.

My name is Millie Hernandez and I love to spend time with my family and friends. I currently live with both of my parents as my sister attends college in Pennsylvania. My hobbies include playing the violin, reading, and creating origami. These activities help me relax and concentrate. My preferred color is violet, but I also love neon colors for their brightness. My favorite book series is the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I also really enjoy the Hunger Games movie. I like to listen to classical music because it is soothing and peaceful. My favorite sports include swimming and basketball because I enjoy performing and watching them. Some of my accomplishments are finishing first in a swimming event, winning my district spelling bee, and, of course, being part of the 2012-2013 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps!

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    Animal Superpowers (EBK)

    Animal Superpowers (EBK)

    by Christopher Hernandez

    Night vision? Walking on water? Animals have these powers and many more. Even tiny creatures like beetles and fleas are capable of amazing things.

    Super-powered categories include:

    • invisibility!
    • shape-shifting!
    • superhuman strength!

    This excitement-packed book has surprising information on every page and eye-popping photos of each animal, from tiny to gigantic.

    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 6-8
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    Animal Superpowers (EBK)
    Ages 6-8 $4.99
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    The United States of America

    The United States of America

    by Millie Miller and Cyndi Nelson

    Both an easy-to-use reference tool and a superbly illustrated portrait of our nation, this guide allows readers to quickly look up each state’s bird, flower, and insect, along with other fun facts and points of interest such as endangered species, famous Americans from each state, inventions, records, and much more.

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    Paperback Book | Grades 4-8
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    The United States of America
    Grades 4-8 $5.99
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