Matthew Ferreira

Matthew Ferreira


Matthew Ferreira lives in California and was born in 1999.

Matthew enjoys politics, geo-caching, skateboarding, and baseball. He is learning to play guitar and likes listening to all types of music. He actively participates in numerous community events such as the Walk Like Madd 5K Walk & Fun Run to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and a Thanksgiving Day walk which raised funds to help San Diego’s homeless neighbors in need. When he is not in class or doing algebra homework, Matthew can be found riding his bike, reading about sports, learning to surf or watching Dr. Who with his little sister Alyssa and his two cats.

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    Tic–Tac–Math: Grades 3–4

    Tic–Tac–Math: Grades 3–4

    by Matthew Friedman

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    Each tic-tac-toe grid comes with nine activities that reinforce key math concepts, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, and more. Students can play classic tic-tac-toe, solving problems to get three X’s or O’s in a row. Teachers can assign the sheets for homework, center choice, or independent work. A fun way to meet NCTM standards! 64 pages.

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    Professional Book | Grades 3-4
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    Tic–Tac–Math: Grades 3–4
    Grades 3-4 $8.99
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    ¿Mamá? (Mommy?)

    ¿Mamá? (Mommy?)

    by Maurice Sendak, Arthur Yorinks, Matthew Reinhart

    In one hilarious pop-up extravaganza after another, one little boy who's looking for his mommy wanders into a cuckoo house full of monsters. They're all there: a mummy, vampire, werewolf...but no matter how scary these monsters are, there is no besting a little boy who is looking for his mommy!
    Spanish Edition

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    books;interactive and novelty books;hardcover pop-ups | Ages 4-8
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    ¿Mamá? (Mommy?)
    Ages 4-8 $17.46
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