Emily Shao

Emily Shao


Emily Shao lives in Maryland and was born in 2001.

•    Emily's favorite subject in school is writing.

•    Her favorite sports are swimming, skiing, and running.

•    Emily's family travels a lot, and she is fluent in Chinese.

•    She is a member of the Junior Girl Scouts of America, and she is serving on her school's Student Association.

•    Emily's favorite book is Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, and she would like to be an author when she grows up.

"Learning new skills is like painting a picture. When you learn a new skill, you discover a new color in your life."

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    Keeping Fit

    Keeping Fit

    by Emily K. Green


    3/1/07 Library Media Connection
    This series provides an excellent introduction to the new Food Guide Pyramid and its components with engaging text, clear and colorful charts, and absolutely delicious looking photographs. Healthy Eating provides an overview of all the food groups as well as the importance of exercise. The individual volumes on specific food groups include examples of how much of that type food a child should have each day (with pictures of how much that would be). The series offers early readers more challenge with varied sentence structures, more text, and less repetition. Each volume concludes with instructions on using www.factsurfer.com (a link to age appropriate pre-selected Web sites). These are excellent resources for standards-based units, projects, or research. They also can be used with English as a second language learners or reluctant readers, making them an appealing way to help children make good choices about food and exercise! Bibliography. Glossary. Index. Highly Recommended.


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    Keeping Fit
    Grades K-3 $14.00
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    Deltora Quest #1: The Forests of Silence (EBK)

    Deltora Quest #1: The Forests of Silence (EBK)

    by Emily Rodda

    The evil Shadow Lord is plotting to invade the land of Deltora and enslave its people. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora, with its seven stones of great and mysterious power.

    In secrecy, with only a hand-drawn map to guide them, two unlikely companions set out on a dangerous quest. Determined to find the lost stones and rid their land of the Shadow Lord, they struggle toward their first goal—to make it through the sinister Forests of Silence.

    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 8-10
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    Deltora Quest #1: The Forests of Silence (EBK)
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