Emily Shao

Emily Shao


Emily Shao lives in Maryland and was born in 2001.

•    Emily's favorite subject in school is writing.

•    Her favorite sports are swimming, skiing, and running.

•    Emily's family travels a lot, and she is fluent in Chinese.

•    She is a member of the Junior Girl Scouts of America, and she is serving on her school's Student Association.

•    Emily's favorite book is Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, and she would like to be an author when she grows up.

"Learning new skills is like painting a picture. When you learn a new skill, you discover a new color in your life."

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    Five Creatures

    Five Creatures

    by Emily Jenkins and Tomek Bogacki

    Told from a small girl's point of view, this is the charming story of the two cats and three humans that live in her house. The story playfully charts comparisons between the five family members' varied talents and tastes just the way a child learning to count might do.

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    Five Creatures
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    Dragons of Deltora #3: Isle of the Dead

    Dragons of Deltora #3: Isle of the Dead

    by Emily Rodda

    The evil Shadow Lord is in exile, but famine plagues Deltora and monsters prevail. Leif, Jasmine, and Barda have discovered a terrible secret: the Four Sisters -- a terrible creation of evil sorcery -- are hidden in the land. Will the companions be able to continue their quest to defeat the next sister? Dragons of Deltora Book 3.

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    The third installment will captivate your fantasy enthusiast as she follows the battle of good versus evil.

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    Dragons of Deltora #3: Isle of the Dead
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