Edward Zhou

Edward Zhou


Edward Zhou lives in Virginia and was born in 1998.

•  Edward's favorite school subject is civics.

•  He participates in debate and science competitions and plays tennis.

•  His favorite music is rap and his favorite book is The Hunt for Red October.

•  Edward is interested in having a career in law enforcement when he grows up.

"As a kid reporter, I would like to cover government, specifically local legislatures. [Local governments] are the ones who decide on many of the issues that directly affect people."

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    Princess Pigtoria and the Pea (Enriched EBK)

    Princess Pigtoria and the Pea (Enriched EBK)

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    Princess Pigtoria is penniless, so when she hears that Prince Proudfoot is looking for a bride, she goes off to see him at his palace. She doesn’t think much of the pompous porker when she meets him, but she decides to spend the night in the palace’s guest room. In the meantime, the Prince has the perfect plan to find out if Pigtoria is a proper princess: he’ll place a pea under her many pillows and see if she’s delicate enough to feel it!

    Instead of going to sleep, however, Pigtoria decides to hang out with the kitchen staff and orders some pizzas with peppers, pickles, poppy seeds, parmesan cheese, and peanuts (but hold the pepperoni, please!). All of the pizza, popcorn, and pie crumbs on her pillows cause Pigtoria to have a sleepless night, so the Prince thinks she’ll make a great bride! But is that what Pigtoria really wants?

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