Nell Leibovich

Nell Leibovich


Nell Leibovich lives in Washington, D.C., and was born in 2000.

•  Nell's favorite school subject is writing.

•  She plays the recorder and the piano, does ballet, plays soccer, and enjoys Hebrew school.

•  In her spare time, Nell bakes and reads.

•  She hopes to be a food critic when she grows up.

"I want to be a Kid Reporter because I like to read intriguing stories, and I would like to write such stories for Scholastic."

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    Beyond Bedtime Stories, 2nd Edition

    Beyond Bedtime Stories, 2nd Edition

    by V. Susan Bennett-Armistead and Nell K. Duke and Annie M. Moses

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    In the face of today’s mile-high expectations for children’s achievement, how can families create a child-friendly home environment that also builds essential literacy skills—right from the start? This book provides guidance from three early childhood experts. Taking a “literacy-throughout-the-day” approach, the authors guide their readers all around the home—even into spaces where literacy isn’t typically encouraged, including the kitchen and the bathroom! Parents will find the pages packed with try-today activities for building children's reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in every room. Beyond Bedtime Stories also includes tips, photos, and key milestones to watch for as children learn and grow. What’s new to the 2nd edition? Updated research, the most current expectations for preschool and kindergarten, and dozens of new resources and tips! 224 pages.

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    Professional Book | Grades PreK-K
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    Beyond Bedtime Stories, 2nd Edition
    Grades PreK-K $17.99
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    Information in Action (Grade 2)

    Information in Action (Grade 2)

    by Nell K. Duke

    Unlock the world of informational text with projects that build reading, writing, and researching skills! Informational text expert Nell K. Duke’s new program for Grades K–5 moves students through the research and writing process in purposeful and engaging ways.
    Students create high-interest projects based on a variety of informational text types:
    • Informative/Explanatory
    • Persuasive: Opinion
    • Procedural/How-to
    • Biography
    • Nonfiction Narrative

    The 2nd grade kit contains print and digital materials for teaching 4 teaching units
    Program components:
    • Teacher’s Guide: Contains step-by-step instructional guidance for four classroom‐tested, project-based learning teaching units, assessment forms, and links to standards
    • New professional book by Nell K. Duke: Inside Information: Developing Powerful Readers and Writers of Informational Text Through Project-Based Instruction
    • Online Access to videos of lessons in action in real classrooms, narrated by Nell Duke
    • Launch Texts (1 title per unit, 1 copy each, 4 texts total): Articles for kicking off each unit to build students’ interest in and knowledge about the topic
    • Mentor Texts (1 title per unit, 6 copies each, 24 texts total): Books that serve as models of the text type in which students are writing in each unit
    • Source Texts (1 title per unit, 30 copies each, 120 texts total): Magazine-like, information filled texts that students use as research sources
    • Student Research Notebook (30 copies each): A consumable work text containing graphic organizers, data-gathering charts, feedback forms, self-assessment tools, drafting sheets, editing checklists, and more
    Grade 2 Units:
    • Inventors Up Close Books (Biography)
    • “Dear News Readers…” Letters (Persuasive: Opinion)
    • Marine Animals at Risk Booklets (Informative/Explanatory)
    • Super Cool Science Show and Handouts (Procedural/How-to)

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    Book Collection | Grade 2
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    Information in Action (Grade 2)
    Grade 2 $594.15
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