Anastasia Webb

Anastasia Webb


Anastasia Webb lives in Virginia and was born in 2000.

•    Anastasia is a member of the Girl Scouts and Destination Imagination.

•    Her favorite book is Smile by Raina Telgemeir.

•    In her spare time, Anastasia likes to cook.

•    When she grows up, Anastasia wants to be a gourmet chef.

"I love to read and write; in fact, writing is one of my favorite subjects. Learning makes me happy, and I like to share with others the information that I have learned. I think I could learn a lot as a Kid Reporter, and it would teach me things I could use when I have a job later in life."

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    Sky the Unwanted Kitten

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    Sky the Unwanted Kitten
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    Six Days  

    Six Days  

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    For Cass and Wilbur, life as scavengers is all they've ever known - rummaging the ruins of London in search of a precious, powerful relic no one, not even their new Russian masters, has ever seen.

    But when Erin and Peyto, two strangers from a faraway place, show up and claim they hold the key to locating the mysterious missing artifact, the treasure hunt takes on a lethal urgency. If the kids don't find the crucial object in SIX DAYS, their world will come crashing to an end!

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    Six Days  
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