Maxwell Smith

Maxwell Smith


Maxwell Smith lives in New York and was born in 2000.

•    Maxwell's favorite subject in school is science.

•    In his spare time, Maxwell draws, plays video games, watches TV, and reads.

•    His favorite kind of music is hip-hop.

•    Maxwell says he'd "like to be a scientist above all other careers."

"I want to be a Kid Reporter because I will have new educational experiences that can help me later on in life. These experiences will allow me to grow intellectually as I have always been very curious about science, history, and current events."

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    39 Clues, The: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 4: Shatterproof

    39 Clues, The: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 4: Shatterproof

    by Roland Smith

    After pulling some spectacular heists, Amy and Dan have become two of Interpol's most wanted criminals. So when Vesper One orders them to steal the world's largest diamond, they know they're facing life in prison…or worse. But with the Cahill hostages still in peril, Amy and Dan have no choice but to launch a mission that leads them to an ancient city full of dangerous secrets. With a Vesper mole sabotaging the Madrigals from inside, Amy and Dan have to fulfill their enemy's request before it's too late. Vesper One has developed a taste for killing Cahills, and Amy and Dan aren't going to wait to see who's next.

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    39 Clues, The: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 4: Shatterproof
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    Xtreme Sports: Cutting Edge

    Xtreme Sports: Cutting Edge

    by E.J. Maxwell

    This book is about the new crop of extreme sports stars from Apolo Ohno to superstar skateboarder Shaun White to phenom climbing star Tori Allen. Each chapter focuses on a different sport and star, and is full of photos, bio info, trivia, anecodotes, quotes, and stats.

    The complete list of athletes in this book is as follows:

    climber Tori Allen, surfer Layne Beachley, snowboarder Tara Dakides, motocrosser Mike Metzger, BMXer Dave Mirra, speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, snowboarder Ross Powers, and skateboarder Shaun White.

    books;paperback books;paperbacks | Ages 9-12
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    Xtreme Sports: Cutting Edge
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