Bryce Davis Roberson

Bryce Davis Roberson


Bryce Davis Roberson lives in Virginia and was born in 2000.

•    Some of Bryce's hobbies include electrical projects, making music, and science experiments.

•    Bryce is a member of two choirs, the Boy Scouts of America, student council, and Destination ImagiNation.

•    His favorite music is soft rock, funk, old school rap, and Christmas music.

•    When he grows up, Bryce wants to be a scientist of music producer.

"All the electrical components needed to get the story to the world are amazing to me. I want to be part f the Scholastic Kids Press Corps to learn everything about reporting from start to finish."

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    Dear America: With the Might of Angels

    Dear America: With the Might of Angels

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    In the fall of 1955, twelve-year-old Dawn Rae Johnson learns she will be the only one of her friends attending a previously all-white school. However, not everyone supports integration and Dawnie must endure the realities of racism firsthand. In time, Dawnie learns that the true meaning of justice comes from remaining faithful to the integrity within oneself.

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    Halloween Faces

    Halloween Faces

    by Davis, Nancy

    Fun masks to try on the girl and boy characters show the spirit of Halloween to the youngest readers. On the following pages, toddlers can "carve" their own jack-o'-lantern by flipping the die-cut pages to change the pumpkin's face. What's behind the double doors? A Halloween party with treats galore!

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    Halloween Faces
    Ages Birth-3 $4.89
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