Damien Murphy

Damien Murphy


Damien Murphy lives in California and was born in 1999.

•    Damien's favorite book is Herbert's Wormhole by Peter Nelson.

•    He likes to draw, write, run, ice skate, rollerblade at the beach, volunteer, visit farm animals, and ride horses.

•    Damien is member of Kid Nation (a Boston Red Sox fan club), Club Monsterpalooza (special effects makeup fans), Blast From the Past (a memorabilia collectors club), and the Archie Comics Fan Club.

•    He wants to be a cartoonist when he grows up.

"By being a Scholastic Kid Reporter, I hope to learn about modern social structures, technology, different cultures and achievements, geography, religion, politics, economics, and various people and events of charity that help make our world a better place."

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    30 Nonfiction Book Reports

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    Always Inventing: The True Story of Thomas Alva Edison (EBK)

    Always Inventing: The True Story of Thomas Alva Edison (EBK)

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