Mimi Evans

Mimi Evans


Mimi Evans lives in California and was born in 1997.

•    Mimi's favorite subject in school is writing.

•    Her hobbies include reading everything she can, basketball, and blogging.

•    In her spare time, Mimi works on her novel, which she says is "currently around 40,000 words strong."

•    The career Mimi has her eye on is White House Social Secretary.

"I think a big part of becoming a Scholastic Kid Reporter is finding out what goes on in the exciting and nerve-racking world of journalism. Where else in the world are kids like us going to get the hands-on experience?"

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    Art Projects from Around the World: Grades 4-6

    Art Projects from Around the World: Grades 4-6

    by Karen Backus Linda Evans and Mary Thompson

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    Poison Apple #6: Her Evil Twin

    Poison Apple #6: Her Evil Twin

    by McCoy, Mimi

    Is Anna's new BFF really her evil twin? Nothing is as it seems in this thrilling, bone-chilling new Poison Apple book!

    Anna's new friend, Emma, is everything Anna wants to be - fearless, effortlessly fashionable, and always up for doing something new and fun. The girls even look alike, and soon they're fixing their hair the same way and sharing clothes.

    But Emma is also kind of a troublemaker. She likes to sneak off school grounds at lunch, and she doesn't seem to like Anna having any other friends. Emma never seems to get caught, but Anna does. After all, they look just alike.

    When Emma's sense of adventure takes a sinister turn, Anna starts to worrry. Is her mirror-image BFF a dangerous evil twin?

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    Poison Apple #6: Her Evil Twin
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