Ryan Davenport


Ryan Davenport lives in Nebraska and was born in 1999.

•    Ryan's favorite subject in school is science.

•    He plays football and snowboards.

•    Diary of a Wimpy Kid is Ryan's favorite book.

•    As an adult, Ryan is interested in being a Navy SEAL or a doctor.

"I hope to learn new things that I did not know about. I would like to learn about our country and how it will develop in the years to come."

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    Animal Disguises (EBK)

    Animal Disguises (EBK)

    by Emma Ryan

    Play hide-and-seek with a group of land, air, and sea animals that hide in plain sight. There’s the chameleon, which changes color to match their surroundings, the Arctic hare that can change its fur from brown to white so it can hide in winter and summer, and many more! Readers will find out how one clever snake is responsible for most bites, which sea creature can change to look like many other animals, and why the stick insect is almost impossible to spot.

    Animal lovers, science enthusiasts, and readers who are just plain curious will find a lot to learn in these colorful and fact-filled pages.

    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 5-7
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    Animal Disguises (EBK)
    Ages 5-7 $4.99
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    Nacho y Lolita

    Nacho y Lolita

    by Pam Muņoz Ryan and Claudia Rueda

    Set at the majestic Mission San Juan Capistrano, this is a tender friendship story that will melt your heart. Once there lived a rare and majestic bird named Nacho, the only pitacoche for thousands of miles. Then the swallows came to nest and Nacho met Lolita. Was it possible for two such different birds to find happiness together? And what would happen to Nacho when Lolita and the other swallows migrated back to South America?

    Hardcover Book | Grades K-2
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    Nacho y Lolita
    Grades K-2 $16.99
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