Olivia Cohen

Olivia Cohen


Olivia Cohen lives in Florida and was born in 1999.

•    Olivia's favorite subjects in school are writing and reading.

•    She says, "I love almost every book I have ever read."

•    Olivia is a member of the Chess Club and Scrabble Club.

•    In his spare time, Olivia writes, plays softball, goes horseback riding, and fundraises for the not-for-profit organization she runs with her friends.

"I love to interview people and learn about their lives. I want the reader to want to read my work and be interested in the topic. The coolest part for me is that the assignments may vary from a book review to having an interview with a famous person!"

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    Butterfly Meadow #1: Dazzle's First Day (Enriched EBK)

    Butterfly Meadow #1: Dazzle's First Day (Enriched EBK)

    by Olivia Moss

    Dazzle is a shy young butterfly who just emerged from her cozy cocoon. She's alone in the world and unsure of how to use her wings or even where she came from.

    After narrowly escaping the attack of a hungry blackbird, Dazzle meets a new friend who takes her on a journey to Butterfly Meadow a place that may help Dazzle find all the answers she needs. But the most important question remains: Now that Dazzle is out of her cocoon, will she have the courage to come out of her shell?

    Readers looking for a dazzling, fantastical experience will delight in Dazzle's journey from her cocoon to the warm and welcoming Butterfly Meadow.

    $3.99 You save: 20%
    books;ebooks;enriched ebooks | Ages 7-9
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    Butterfly Meadow #1: Dazzle's First Day (Enriched EBK)
    Ages 7-9 $3.99
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    El poni de barro

    El poni de barro

    by Caron Lee Cohen and Shonto Begay

    Another great title from Scholastic. Detailed description coming soon.

    $3.71 You save: 25%
    Paperback Book | Grades 2-4
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    El poni de barro
    Grades 2-4 $3.71
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