Olivia Cohen

Olivia Cohen


Olivia Cohen lives in Florida and was born in 1999.

•    Olivia's favorite subjects in school are writing and reading.

•    She says, "I love almost every book I have ever read."

•    Olivia is a member of the Chess Club and Scrabble Club.

•    In his spare time, Olivia writes, plays softball, goes horseback riding, and fundraises for the not-for-profit organization she runs with her friends.

"I love to interview people and learn about their lives. I want the reader to want to read my work and be interested in the topic. The coolest part for me is that the assignments may vary from a book review to having an interview with a famous person!"

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    The Mud Pony

    by Caron Lee Cohen and Shonto Begay

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    Butterfly Meadow # 5: Dazzle's New Friend

    Butterfly Meadow # 5: Dazzle's New Friend

    by Olivia Moss

    In Butterfly Meadow, colorful butterflies dance through the air, glowworms inch through the grass, and bumblebees buzz around every flower. It's a place where friendships and adventures take flight! Dazzle and her friends are exploring the apple orchard when they spot a little hedgehog in trouble! They want to help, but the hedgehog's prickly spines could tear their wings. Then everyone would be in trouble! What can Dazzle do? BONUS: Glossary of real butterfly facts included at the end of each book!

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    Butterfly Meadow # 5: Dazzle's New Friend
    Ages 4-8 $4.99
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