Charlotte Arnold

Charlotte Arnold


Charlotte Arnold lives in Kentucky and was born in 1998.

•    Charlotte's favorite subject in school is world history.

•    She belongs to the Theatre Club and Drama Team.

•    Some of her hobbies are unicycling, costume design, baking, and dog training.

•    When she grows up, Charlotte wants to be an actor.

"I want to be a Kid Reporter because I would like to meet interesting people, and I also love being in front of the camera! As a Kid Reporter, I would love to learn how to be a better writer and interview people."

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    Fly Guy Spanish Grades K-2

    Fly Guy Spanish Grades K-2

    by Tedd Arnold and Tedd Arnold

    A creative young boy wants a pet for The Amazing Pet Show, so he catches a fly—little knowing that Fly Guy will become a great friend!

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    Title list:
    • ¡Fuera, Hombre Mosca!
    • Hola, Hombre Mosca
    • Hombre mosca contra matamoscas
    ¡A pasear, Hombre Mosca!
    • Superhombre Mosca

    $13.50 You save: 32%
    Paperback Book Collection | Grades PreK-2
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    Fly Guy Spanish Grades K-2
    Grades PreK-2 $13.50
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    There's a Fly Guy in My Soup (EBK)

    There's a Fly Guy in My Soup (EBK)

    by Tedd Arnold

    Fly Guy is so excited to go on vacation with Buzz's family. There's only one problem—Buzz's parents don't want him to eat in the hotel restaurant. So, when they reach the resort, Buzz sends Fly Guy out to scrounge up a meal.

    Fly Guy taste-tests a sticky mud puddle and a slimy garbage dumpster. Nothing's quite yummy enough, until he lands in a bowl of soup in the hotel kitchen…that's headed out the door to the restaurant. How much trouble can one little fly cause? Tons!

    Good-natured, a little gross, and totally silly, this story puts the laughter into learning to read.

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    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 4-6
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    There's a Fly Guy in My Soup (EBK)
    Ages 4-6 $5.99
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