Kevin Agostinelli

Kevin Agostinelli


Kevin Agostinelli lives in Massachusetts and was born in 1996.

•    Kevin is a member of student council, National Junior Honor Society, and his school band.

•    Lifehouse is Kevin's favorite band.

•    He plays soccer, baseball, and basketball, as well as the clarinet.

•    The career Kevin is most interested in sports journalist.

"I want to be a Kid Reporter because it will help me prepare for my dream of becoming a sports journalist. Plus, I'd love to discover how reporters actually carry out their work."

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    Wemberly Worried

    Wemberly Worried

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    Wemberly worries about everything—especially about making friends. As the first day of school approaches, she meets another special mouse who is just as worried as she!

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    Crossing to Paradise (EBK)

    Crossing to Paradise (EBK)

    by Crossley-Holland, Kevin

    Gatty is a peasant girl in the 13th century. She has never seen busy London or the bright Channel, the snowy Alps of France or the boats in the Venetian sea. She has not sung in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem or prayed at the manger in Bethlehem;or been kidnapped, or abandoned, or kissed, or heartbroken. But all these things will change. As Gatty;now a serving maid;journeys with Lady Gwyneth and a prickly new family of pilgrims across Europe to the Holy Land, everything changes. In this book Kevin Crossley-Holland reveals a rich and compelling medieval world;and a character readers will never forget. This companion book to the Arthur series can stand on its own, and also adds new depth to the story for fans.

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    Crossing to Paradise (EBK)
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