N'Naserri Carew-Johnson

N'Naserri Carew-Johnson


N'Naserri Carew-Johnson lives in Georgia and was born in 1998.

• On her birthday, N'Naserri volunteers at homeless shelters and shares gifts with kids who are also celebrating their birthday.

• When she was in third grade, N'Naserri was elected Treasurer of her school's Student Government Association.

• Some of N'Naserri's favorite songs are "One Time" by Justin Bieber, "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus, and "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson because they get her singing and dancing.

• When N'Naserri writes, she wants her readers to see things through her eyes.

"While I was volunteering with the 2008 campaign, I was able to report to my classmates every week about how what happened with the campaign. I felt like I was helping my friends to learn through my wonderful experiences by reporting to them. I think being a Kid Reporter is similar to that. You talk to people, learn about a lot of things, go to different places and write stories from the information you get."

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