Shoshana Mintz

Shoshana Mintz


Age 12, New York

Favorite Subject: English and Math

Favorite Book: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Favorite Music: Pop and Rock

Shoshana is in sixth grade at the Manhattan Day School.  Her two favorite subjects are English and Math, and she loves to read!  A fan of Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart, Shoshana also loves to write, a potential career for her in the future. 

Shoshana has a passion for saving the environment too, one of her inspirations for becoming a kid reporter. 

“I really want to learn more about the world and how to keep it safe and how to help people,” she says. She is already taking steps toward that—she’s starting an after-school program to make food for a soup kitchen!

Shoshana’s upbringing in Manhattan has kept her looking up. When asked what she loves about New York, Shoshana will undoubtedly mention skyscrapers.

“Some of the most famous skyscrapers in the world have been built in New York City,” she wrote in her application to be a Kid Reporter.

Shoshana is inspired by the seasonal effects on these buildings, noting how they change as the year goes by. 

“In the winter, when they are lightly dusted with snow, they look like giant icicles,” she wrote. “In the fall, the red and gold leaves swirl around their base. In the spring and summer, fresh flowers decorate the plazas surrounding the entranceways.”

In addition to writing and making the world a better place, Shoshana also plays basketball and takes part in E2K, an academic program.  She enjoys listening to pop and rock music, and babysits to make some extra cash.  Other hobbies include collecting things and going to museums with her mother.

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