Daniel Wetter

Daniel Wetter


Daniel Wetter lives in California and was born in 1996.

Favorite Subject:
Language Arts

Favorite Book: Harry Potter series

Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Top Hits, Oldies

Daniel has not been afraid to get a jumpstart on his career in journalism. He seeks out news in his community and has interviewed both his town's mayor and sand-sculptor Kirk Rademaker, in addition to covering the grand opening of his community’s latest shopping center. 

On the staff of his school newspaper, The Growler, Daniel is a prolific reporter who utilizes his video camera and gumption to cover the news. 

“Every day has a new story to cover, which is why I love journalism,” he says. “Knowing what is happening in the rest of the world is very important to me because it helps me understand and learn new things.” 

Daniel also sports an athletic side, having earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He plays baseball for a local little league team as well.  Some other favorite activities include working out at the gym, swimming, and golf.

Daniel wants to pursue a career in journalism, law, government, or architecture.

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