Allison Tam

Allison Tam


Age 10, California

Favorite Subject: Math, writing, science

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Favorite Music:
Jazz and classical

Extracurricular Activities: Soccer, chess, public speaking, clarinet, piano

Soccer, singing, chess, piano, reading, drawing

Allison hopes to become a journalist or doctor one day. In her spare time, she likes to read.

As a Kid Reporter, she hopes to gain social skills by interviewing people and to become a more experienced writer.

"I think this is an exciting opportunity for me as a messenger between candidates and readers. I will report facts collected from my interviews fairly, timely, and accurately to Scholastic readers," she says.

Allison is in the fifth grade in Saratoga, California. She has one brother.

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    Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein

    by Allison Lassieur


    •     Source notes describe the author's research materials and processes
    •     100+ page biographies
    •     Information about the history of the times in which each subject lived is included
    •     Sidebars, a comparative timeline, and a "To Find Out More" section are included


      7/1/05 Science Books & Films
      This 128-page book introduces middle school and early high school readers to the life story of Albert Einstein, who struggled to find meaning in school experiences, many of which he found to be ritualistic and boring. The volume also reports his struggles to find meaning in his personal and family relationships. The book informs readers about Einstein's abnormal completion of high school, entry into university education, meaningful work and attainment of university degrees. Information is given about his family, friends, and problematic political contexts in Switzerland and Germany prior to World War I and subsequently in Europe and elsewhere through the Cold War that followed World War II. Besides recounting Einstein's early life and the fame that came with the recognition of his highly creative and powerful insights in physics, the book discusses Einstein's political concerns, his efforts to help those who were victimized in the nazi era, his role in focusing the attention of President Roosevelt on the potential power of nuclear energy, his support of Zionism, and his substantial efforts as a pacifist, especially after World War II. The development of Einstein's insights that changed how scientists conceptualize the physical world are delineated but the discussion and explanation of his scientific concepts and models are superficial and occasionally inaccurate. The book gives important contextual information about the life of this unusual man who was so uniquely influential in changing the ways that scientists thought about fundamental concepts associated with matter, energy, time, gravitation, light, and motion in the 20th century.


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    Albert Einstein
    Grades 6-8 $21.35
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    The Vampire Stalker

    The Vampire Stalker

    by Allison van Diepen

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    Amy is in love with Alexander Banks, a brooding, handsome vampire hunter. There's just one problem: He doesn't exist. Alexander is the hero in a series of popular vampire novels, and Amy has breathlessly followed all his fictional adventures.

    Then, late one night, fiction becomes reality.

    Amy meets a boy who bears an eerie resemblance to Alexander Banks. In fact, he IS Alexander, come to life from the pages of the book. And he's in hot pursuit of Vigo, the ruthless vampire who has also crossed over into Amy's city. As Amy struggles to unravel the mystery behind Alexander's arrival, she must help him track down Vigo before too many lives are at risk. But attraction, danger, and dark secrets soon collide, leaving Amy to wonder if the greatest thing at stake . . . is her heart.

    $5.24 You save: 25%
    Paperback Book | Grades 11-12
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    The Vampire Stalker
    Grades 11-12 $5.24
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