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What is an actuary? An actuary is an expert in statistics who works with businesses, governments, and organizations to help them plan for the future. Actuarial science is the discipline that applies math and statistical methods to assess risk.

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Plan, Save, Succeed!

Achieving Financial Literacy Goals

Welcome to "Plan, Save, Succeed!" a new financial literacy program designed to address important personal finance concepts—such as budgeting, income, saving, and credit—in a real-world context that middle school students will find meaningful.

Developed by The Actuarial Foundation with Scholastic, the program provides knowledge and skill-building activities through a fun, relatable story line about two siblings saving to buy a car. They construct a budget and learn about earnings and deductions from work, interest from saving, and the cost of credit.

In addition to engaging lesson plans, the program includes:

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Budget Basics
Lesson 1: Budget Basics
Students will begin to consider the role saving plays in financial planning by creating monthly budgets for siblings saving to buy a car.
Lesson 2: Gross and Net Pay
Lesson 2: Gross and Net Pay
Students will learn about voluntary and involuntary salary deductions. Using a teen's sample paycheck, students will calculate the dollar amount of deductions by applying the relevant percentage to gross pay.
Lesson 3: Interest and Bank Accounts
Lesson 3: Interest and Bank Accounts
Students will learn about various interest-bearing bank accounts, and use fractions, decimals, and percentages to calculate interest.
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