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kid reporters interviewing president obama Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Election 2012: An Interview with President Obama

Scholastic News Kids Reporters interview the President about his re-election campaign

The 2012 race to the White House between Democratic nominee President Barack Obama and Republican nominee former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney went into high gear this fall. It was during this time that Kid Reporters Amiri Tulloch, 12, and Hannah Prensky, 12, sat down with Democratic nominee President Barack Obama for an interview about his reelection campaign.

In July, the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps requested pre-election interviews with both President Obama and Governor Romney. The Romney campaign declined.

Watch he Kid Reporters' interview with President Obama below, and visit the Scholastic News Election 2012 website for the latest from the campaign trail.

constitution Why should kids care about this election?
In this excerpt, President Obama explains how much is at stake in the 2012 election.

economy Challenges to Fixing the Economy
In this excerpt, the President explains what he has done to help fix the economy and what he wants to do to continue that work in a second term.

challenges for america youth Preparing American Workers for the Jobs of the Future
In this excerpt, the President discusses how the country can make sure workers are ready for the jobs of tomorrow.

education Ensuring All Kids Go to Great Schools with Great Teachers
In this excerpt, President Obama explains that hiring more teachers who are knowledgeable and creative is key to making schools better.

9/11 Getting a Good College Education, Not a Pile of Debt
In this excerpt, the President talks about keeping higher education available to everyone by making sure everyone can afford it.

presidential reads Combating Climate Change
In this excerpt, the President lays out his record on protecting the environment and the work that still needs to be done.

a special visitor The Importance of Immigration to America Today, and to the Future of the Country
In this excerpt, President Obama shares his views on the role of immigration in this country and what needs to be done to make it work better.

a special visitor Areas of Agreement?
In this excerpt, the Kid Reporters wonder if the President shares an areas of agreement with his Republican opponent.

a special visitor Why Do You Still Want to Be President?
In this excerpt, the President explains when he decided he wanted to become President and why he wants to continue doing the job.

a special visitor Advice for His Daughters
In this excerpt, President Obama shares what he would tell his daughters if they said they wanted to run for President.


Scholastic News Kid Reporters are on the campaign trail! Keep up with latest election news on the Election 2012 website.


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