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Stand Up to Bullying Special Report

Bullying is a topic that both kids and adults have been talking about a lot recently. Kids are being bullied at school and online, and parents and teachers are working to stop what some call a "bullying epidemic."

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. For Safe Schools Week, which is October 17-21, the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps kicks off a continuing series about bullying prevention. Kid Reporters have talked to their teachers, parents of kids who have been bullied, singers, songwriters, and actors who are taking part in bullying prevention programs, and authors about how to keep bullying out of kids' lives.

This Stand Up to Bullying Special Report will grow in the weeks and months ahead, so check back for more stories throughout the year. And head over to the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Blog to be part of the conversation about bullying. Is it happening to you or your friends? Is it going on in your school? Tell us your story, and share your experiences and ideas with other kids.

liang bullying Prevention Education
by Andrew Liang | October 18, 2011
October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and bullying is a topic a lot of people are talking about. Kid Reporter wondered how bullying was being addressed at his school.

We the People Parents Take a Stand
by Topanga Sena | October 17, 2011
Last September, one father in Central Florida gained national attention when he stood up for his daughter. Today, James Jones and his daughter Chatari are anti-bullying advocates.

nick vujicic From No Limbs to No Limits
by Cassandra Hsiao | October 18, 2011
Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. He overcame his disability and now at 28 years old is an international motivational speaker working to help others overcome bullying in every form.

blaise sings Blaise Sings Out Against Bullying
by Cecilia Gault | October 18, 2011
Blaise Sings is a talented 17-year-old singer and songwriter. She is also a member of MTV's "A Thin Line" Street Team. A Thin Line is a campaign aimed at ending "digital drama," like cyberbullying

be a buddy not a bully New Steps to Prevent Bullying
by Ellie Sommers | October 13, 2011
October is National Bullying Prevention Month. In many schools across the country, new programs have begun that are intended to educate students about bullying and how it can impact people.

delete digital drama [Delete] Digital Drama
by Leila Sachner | September 15, 2011
[Delete] Digital Drama delivers the message to kids that cyber-bullying is wrong and everyone is able to stop it. It's a program launched by ABC Family and Seventeen magazine.

ordonez bullying Being Bullied? Talk to an Adult!
by Albert Ordonez | October 18, 2011
Kid Reporter Albert Ordonez shares his experience being bullied and how he stood up to the bullying.

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