Mobile Learning Lesson Plans

Try the lesson plans below to bring the power of mobile learning into your classroom! Share your own successes and challenges in teaching with cell phones by emailing us at

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1: Collecting Biological Phenomena in Everyday Life
As a homework assignment, students will use their cell phones to take pictures and/or videos of biological organisms that they encounter on their everyday travels.

Lesson Plan 2: Local History Scavenger Hunt
Students will work in groups to complete a mobile scavenger hunt on local history. The students will travel to find clues, collect images, and complete challenges at the clue locations.

Lesson Plan 3: Periodic Table Ringtones and Review
Students will use their cell phones to create ringtone raps and jingles about chemical elements from the periodic table.

Lesson Plan 4: Geometry Digital Blogging Books
Students will use their cell phones to record their observations about geometric shapes in their everyday lives and put them onto a Web log. They will use their cell phones to capture both images and audio.

Lesson Plan 5: Summarizing by Text-Messaging Shakespeare
English students will text their 140-character summaries of the homework reading from Romeo and Juliet to an interactive Web screen.

Lesson Plan 6: Peer Review and Collaboration Using Chat Tools and/or Voice Recorders
Students will construct a short text using a voice-recording device, then work with a partner to analyze and deconstruct the text.

Lesson Plan 7: Using Basic Digital Cameras to Engage Reluctant Writers
Students will use digital cameras to record a frozen, dramatic scene from a relevant class text, and then use the scene to retell the original narrative.

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