Printables and Classroom Crafts for PreK—5th Grade

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Back-to-School and Fall Printables
Fall Factor Trees (2–4) NEW
Students create colorful fall trees to explore factors and prime numbers!
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Fall Behavior Reward Cards (PreK–3) NEW
Reward the hard work and good behavior of your students with these seasonal fall reward cards.
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Read All About Me Poster (1–3) NEW
Celebrate your students' uniqueness by displaying each child’s poster in your classroom.
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Back-to-School Arts and Crafts (K–3)
Start the school year off right with these fun and engaging back-to-school crafts.
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Fabulous Fall Fun (1–3)
Bring the rich colors of autumn into your classroom with festive folk art.
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Migrating Monarch (1–3)
Celebrate the monarch’s fall migration with this bright, vivid butterfly craft.
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Frisky Fall Squirrel (1–3)
A three-dimensional squirrel that symbolizes fall.
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Mosaic Nameplate (1–3)
Help students find their own special spot in the classroom with these creative nameplates.
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Language Arts Printables
Blank Character Trait Chart (K–5) NEW
Support your students in identifying character traits.
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The Case of the Strange Playground Equipment: Story and Grammar Practice
(3–5) NEW
This hilarious adventure story will give students practice in identifying common and proper nouns.
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Pronouns: Words That Stand for Nouns (2–5) NEW
Students practice their language skills with pronouns.
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Reading Skills Practice Test: Grade 1 NEW
Assess the reading and writing skills of your first-grade students with this skills practice printable.
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Reading Skills Practice Test: Grade 2 NEW
Boost student confidence with skills practice for second-grade students.
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Reading Skills Practice Test: Grade 3 NEW
Help third-grade students succeed on standardized tests with skills practice.
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Science Crafts
My Weather Wheel (PreK–2)
These handmade weather wheels can help engage children in weather observations.
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Happy Earth Day Card (PreK–2)
Celebrate Earth Day or any spring occasion with this colorful card that blooms before your eyes.
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Veggie Print Patterns (K–2)
Children will make prints using easy-to-find fruits and vegetables.
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Autumn Leaves & More (1–3)
Students will create colorful fall leaves, as well as pinecones, with this seasonal craft.
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Fall Fun (2–3)
Several fun fall activities that will bring the rich colors of autumn into your classroom.
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Slithery Snake (PreK–2)
This easy-to-assemble viper can be as long as you’d like to make it, and it helps kids learn all about snakes.
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Dear Deer Notepad (K–3)
Reindeer notepad children can use as gifts or as a fun classroom activity.
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Snowshoe Hare (K–4)
Children will make their own version of a snowshoe hare.
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Holiday Activities
Multiplication Mysteries (2–4) NEW
These fun and tasty activities will help your students practice their multiplication tricks on Halloween.
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Quilt a Card (K–3)
Craft beautifully designed cards for any holiday.
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Holiday Wreath Maker (K–3)
Create a wreath-shaped booklet and have students write a holiday poem or story inside.
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Turkey Napkin Ring (K–3)
Help students decorate their Thanksgiving tables with these adorable turkey napkin rings.
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Kwanzaa Mat (PreK-2)
Children will create rich, textural mats reminiscent of African textiles.
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Chinese New Year’s Dragon (K–3)
Celebrate Chinese New Year with this exciting dragon craft.
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Pumpkin Puppet (PreK–2)
This interactive pumpkin puppet can turn a craft project into a literary prop for fun ELA activities.
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Perky Turkey! (1–3)
This turkey craft can be a wonderful centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.
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Sweet Celebrations Holiday Crafts (4–5)
Holiday crafts that your students can share with family and friends.
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Going Batty (1–3)
This lifelike paper bat hangs right side up or upside down.
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Jolly Snowman (K–3)
A fun group project children can use to make a snowman any time of year.
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