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Problem Solving Strategies: Word Problems (5–6)
Help your students become expert problem solvers and test takers. This resource explores strategies to solve word problems on a variety of content areas. Includes step-by-step explanations and a practice test.
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When Is Your Birthday: Fill-in Math Graph (K–2)
For kids, few occasions are more meaningful than their birthdays. Take advantage of their enthusiasm with this fun and colorful cake-shaped fill-in graph that display students’ birth months. Includes suggestions, curriculum connections, and more.
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Graph It: A Back-to-School Activity Idea (K–2)
This resource provides a creative way for children to learn about one another as they develop graphing skills. Teachers pose questions and the class builds a bar graph based on students’ responses.
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On the Surface (Social Studies Vocabulary) (4–5)
Practice using social studies vocabulary about the earth's landforms to unscramble words to match the description of the landform. Then match them to the picture of the landform.
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13 Essential Vitamins (PreK–5)
Here's a quick worksheet featuring the major nutritional vitamins. Discuss them with your class, and have students write down the foods rich in each.
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Trick-or-Treat! Coordinate Graphing With Ordered Pairs (3–5)
Have students find number pairs on the graph and connect the dots to make a picture!
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Create a Jack-o’-Lantern! October Math Practice Page (1–2)
With a 9-cent budget, students purchase the features needed to bring this jack-o’-lantern to life. Use practice page as an introduction or review of a concept, as a learning center activity, as a diagnostic tool, or as homework.
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Name It! (Weather) (PreK–1)
Have your students look at the pictures and the words. Cut out the words below and glue them in the box underneath the correct picture. Color the pictures.
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Sweet Celebrations (1–4)
Get ready for the holidays with crafts that students will love to share…and you will love to use to decorate your bulletin board. Provides easy instructions and reproducible patterns for making Peppermint Candies, Gingerbread People, and more.
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Setting Priorities & Organizing Goals (K–8)
Set your students up for success by helping them set goals for their day, week, month, and year. Review how your students prioritize their time and guide them to make smart choices.
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Two Poems: Differentiated Comprehension Activity (4–6)
Students use two poems filled with figurative language to explore seasonal changes, and complete critical-thinking and word-work questions. Best of all, this resource includes step-by-step instructions for 3 levels of differentiated instruction.
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Standardized Test Skills: Making Judgments (5–6)
This study guide for the reading comprehension sections of standardized tests focuses on making judgments about an author’s message. It includes two reading passages, accompanying questions, tips, and more.
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Observant Owl: Amazing Animal Art Project (1–3)
This fun-filled art project will have kids hooting with delight. Kids learn all about owls and create a three-dimensional owl puppet with a head that actually spins.
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Reading Comprehension Strategies (K–8)
With so many key reading skills to teach and practice, you will find yourself reaching for this list and explanation of strategies all year long. Use it to model and reinforce skills like inferring, synthesizing, and more.
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The Farm Octopus: Building Reading Skills With Poetry (1–3)
How could an octopus become a helper on a farm? Students read a funny poem, then discuss and think about it using before- and after-reading questions and a writing prompt. Also includes two reproducible skill sheets that target reading comprehension.
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Crazy Cartoons—Writing a Dialogue (3)
A story is more interesting when the characters talk with one another. Using the speech bubbles in these Crazy Cartoons, your students will show what each character is saying.
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Back-to-School and Fall Teachables
Going to School: Mini-Book Activity (PreK–K)
A fun, ready-to-color literacy activity about the many ways children get to school.
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Summer Memories: Perfect Poems for Teaching Vocabulary (PreK–1)
An acrostic poem is the starting place for a memory-filled literacy lesson.
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Fall Behavior Reward Cards (PreK–3)
Reward the hard work and good behavior of your students with these seasonal fall reward cards.
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Back-to-School Arts and Crafts (1–4)
Start the school year off right with these fun and engaging back-to-school crafts.
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Read All About Me Poster (K–2)
Celebrate your students' uniqueness by displaying each child’s poster in your classroom.
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Fabulous Fall Fun (1–4)
Several fun fall activities that will bring the rich colors of autumn into your classroom.
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Frisky Fall Squirrel (1–3)
A three-dimensional squirrel that symbolizes fall.
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Mosaic Nameplate (1–3)
Help students find their own special spot in the classroom with these creative nameplates.
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Fall Factor Trees (2–4)
Students create colorful fall trees to explore factors and prime numbers!
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Language Arts Free Teachables
The Grouchy Ladybug Collaborative Book (K–2)
A collaborative bookmaking activity that supports the development of early writers.
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Press Conferences: Better Than Book Reports (2–6)
Students are drawn into learning and participating in this interactive book-sharing activity, as they take on the guise of a person they’ve read about and learn from the presentations of their peers!
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What a Character!
Use this graphic organizer to support students in identifying and organizing their thoughts about a character.
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Pronouns: Words That Stand for Nouns (2–5)
Students practice their language skills with pronouns.
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Reading Skills Practice Test: Grade 1
Assess the reading and writing skills of your first-grade students with this skills practice printable.
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Reading Skills Practice Test: Grade 2
Boost student confidence with skills practice for second-grade students.
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Reading Skills Practice Test: Grade 3
Help third-grade students succeed on standardized tests with skills practice.
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Science Exploration

My Weather Wheel
These handmade weather wheels can help engage children in weather observations.
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Happy Earth Day Card (1–3)
Celebrate Earth Day or any spring occasion with this colorful card that blooms before your eyes.
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Veggie Print Patterns (K–2)
Children will make prints using easy-to-find fruits and vegetables.
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Autumn Leaves & More (1–3)
Students will create colorful fall leaves, as well as pinecones, with this seasonal craft.
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Slithery Snake (1–3)
This easy-to-assemble viper can be as long as you’d like to make it, and it helps kids learn all about snakes.
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Dear Deer Notepad (1–3)
Children can use this reindeer notepad for gifts or as a fun classroom activity.
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Snowshoe Hare (1–3)
Children will make their own version of a snowshoe hare.
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Holiday Activities
The Story of Las Posadas (K–2)
Students learn about the Mexican holiday tradition of Las Posadas.
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I Am Thankful Mini-Book (K–2)
The holidays are a wonderful time to explore gratitude with this mini-book project.
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Holiday Wreath Maker (K–3)
Create a wreath-shaped booklet and have students write a holiday poem or story inside.
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Kwanzaa Mat (1–3)
Children will create rich, textural mats reminiscent of African textiles.
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Chinese New Year’s Dragon (1–3)
Celebrate Chinese New Year with this exciting dragon craft.
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Pumpkin Puppet (PreK–3)
This interactive pumpkin puppet can turn a craft project into a literary prop for fun ELA activities.
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Perky Turkey! (1–3)
This turkey craft can be a wonderful centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.
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Jolly Snowman: Winter Art Project (1–3)
Here's a snowman that children can make, whether or not there's snow on the ground! For this project, let children work in groups, with each group making one stand-up snowman that will make a whimsical, wintry tabletop centerpiece.
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