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The Scholastic Kids Press Corps is a team of about 50 Kid Reporters around the nation.  The interactive site brings daily news to life with reporting for kids, by kids.
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Know Your Constitution

The United States of America's most important document

Every year, students around the country learn about the Constitution when their schools celebrate Constitution Day. In 2011, schools will recognize Constitution Day on September 16.

Kid Reporters help bring the country's most important document to life in this Know Your Constitution Special Report! Here you'll find interviews with President Barack Obama, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, and many others! There are also games and resources available for students, parents, and teachers to make the most of Constitution Day!

president obama on the constitution The Relevance of the U.S. Constitution
by Jacob Schroeder and Topanga Sena
Scholastic News Kids Press Corps | August 23, 2011
In this excerpt from the Kid Reporter interview with President Barack Obama, the President tells kids why the U.S. Constitution is relevant and cool in 2011 and which Founding Father he'd most like to meet.

newseum Constitution Day 2010
by Nick Berray
Scholastic News Kids Press Corps | September 14, 2010
In honor of Constitution Day, Kid Reporter Nick Berray talked to Cathy Trost, Director of Exhibit Development at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., about the Freedom of the Press and the First Amendment.

We the People U.S. Constitution Turns 222
by Ana Deluca-Mayne
Scholastic News Kids Press Corps | September 22, 2009
The U.S. Constitution celebrated its 222nd birthday on September 17. A birthday party for the nation's most esteemed document—complete with activities and cake—was celebrated at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

We the People We the People
by Danny Murphy
Scholastic News Online | September 17,2008
Scholastic News talks to former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor about the Constitution and being the first woman on the Supreme Court.

Ben Franklin constitutional expertConstitutional Expert: Benjamin Franklin
Scholastic News Online | September 14,2006
If it wasn't for Ben Franklin and George Washington, the Constitution may never have been signed into law. Ben Franklin re-enactor Ralph Archbold talks to Scholastic Kid Reporters about how the Constitution almost didn't happen.

robert byrd constitutional expert Constitutional Expert: Robert Byrd
by Alonzo Webb
Scholastic Kids Press Corps | September 14,2006
Scholastic Kid Reporter Alonzo Webb talks with U.S. Senator Robert Byrd about a new law that establishes Constitution Day on September 17 every year.

constitution game Constitution Game
Learn about your rights as an American by playing the Celebrate the Constitution game.

you interview ben franklin You Interview Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin travels to the 21st century to answer your questions! Conduct a virtual interview and write an actual article that you can print out and save.

celebrate constitution day Celebrate Constitution Day
Learn more about your rights and responsibilities by exploring Scholastic News Online's Special Report.

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