Keep Your Family Safe From Fire

Grades 3-5 Lessons on Fire Safety and Burn Prevention

In the classic story Alice in Wonderland, the character Alice enters a strange and mysterious world and must find her way home. This program, "Have Two Ways Out," brings together Sparky the Fire Dog® and Alice in a fantasy wonderland where, no matter where they are, they need to have two ways out in case of a fire emergency. In real life, it's important that your students always have two ways out of every room in their homes in case of fire.

Use the lessons and activities from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Scholastic to both teach essential fire-safety information and also build skills aligned with English Language Arts Common Core State Standards. Then send home the family pages to continue the learning at home. We hope you enjoy these materials!

Lesson Plans

New! Lesson 1: Fire-Safety Sequence
Students will learn to have two ways out of every room and to go to an outside meeting place by reading and writing sequential stories.

New! Lesson 2: Write a Fire-Safety Story
By writing a narrative story about fire safety, students will learn to have two ways out, practice an escape plan, and go to an outside meeting place and stay there.

New! Lesson 3: Read Fire-Safety Informational Text
Students will ask and answer questions based on informational text in order to better understand how to choose an outside meeting place with their families.

From Campaign 2011: Lesson 1: Compare and Contrast
Have students study the poster to identify which famous fairy-tale characters are practicing fire safety.

From Campaign 2011: Lesson 2: Fractured Fairy Tales
Students will reinforce writing skills and practice the rules of fire safety by creating a fractured fairy tale.

From Campaign 2010: LESSON 1: MAPPING THE MUSEUM
Assist kids in recognizing fire safety related objects.

Help educate kids about the inventions that play a part of fire safety today.

From Campaign 2010: LESSON 3: WRITE A SPARKY POEM
Help students enhance their writing skills and display their fire safety knowledge.

From Campaign 2009: Lesson 1: SPARKY® NEWS
As editors for Sparky News, kids will compile a news story that tells who, what, where, when, and why.

From Campaign 2009: Lesson 2: MOON MATH
Kids will solve fun word problems about life on the moon while they learn important fire-safety facts.

From Campaign 2009: Lesson 3: MAPPING THE MOON
Students use their map skills and follow clues to find fire-safety tips hidden throughout the classroom!

From Campaign 2008: Lesson 1: Write a Persuasive Speech
Students will write a speech for Sparky the Fire Dog that persuades the whole country to pay attention to fire safety. Share your students' speeches with us for a chance to be featured on this site.

From Campaign 2008: Lesson 2: Write a Letter to the Editor
Students will build citizenship skills by informing their communities about the importance of fire safety.

From Campaign 2008, Lesson 3: Role-Play Fire Safety
Reinforce what to do in case of fire with these fun role-playing activities.

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