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Teaching About Election 2008

Learning how we choose our Presidents is a key component of citizenship education. In this Special Report on Election 2008, you will find a series of lesson plans designed to complement presidential election coverage for Scholastic News and Junior Scholastic magazines and Scholastic News Online.

These lessons provide clear educational objectives, simple directions, assessment strategies, and suggestions for reaching learners of all styles and abilities. Several of the lessons include PDF activities for you to download, copy, and distribute.


Parties, Platforms, and Polls
Scholastic News Online | In this activity, students explore election jargon in Scholastic's online election news coverage and use the jargon to create an election dictionary.

Ask a Candidate: Interview Skills
Scholastic News Online | During election season, Scholastic Kid Reporters will be covering election news all over the country. In this activity, your students get a chance to "play" reporter and develop their own interviewing skills.

It's About Time
Scholastic News Online | A presidential election year is a busy time! In this activity, students use a time line of major election-year events to understand the electoral process.

Whistle Stops
Scholastic News Online | In this fun geography lesson, students observe how candidates crisscross the country to win voter support.

Is That a Fact?
Scholastic News Online | Students become critical consumers of information as they learn to separate fact from election rhetoric.

The Right to Vote
Scholastic News Online | Make your class's study of the election process meaningful by having students persuade adult voters to go to the polls. This activity can be done before the primaries in your state or before the general election.

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