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The Sooner the Better
by Rachel Rabkin Pechman
Parent & Child | April,2011
New research on the importance of early intervention for children with autism.

Autism Alerts
by Sehar Ahmed
Parent & Child | April,2011
Autism Spectrum Disorders is one of the fastest growing categories of developmental conditions. Parent & Child spoke to three leading autism researchers about recent developments.

Breathe . . .
by Elizabeth Callahan
Parent & Child | February,2011
It can help you stress less.

Mom on a Mission
by Susan Hayes
Parent & Child | November,2010
One mother's heroic struggle to understand and treat her daughter's epilepsy.

The Organic Option
by Susan Hayes
Parent & Child | October,2010
Is organic all it's cracked up to be? We've got the lowdown.

Baby Talk
by Susan Hayes
Parent & Child | September,2010
Knowing the milestones of language development can help you understand your baby better.

When Food Calls for Thought
by Susan Hayes
Parent & Child | May,2010
Food allergies are on the rise in children.

News, Hope, and Inspiration
by Rachel Rabkin Pechman
Parent & Child | April,2010
The latest research provides fresh insight and ideas for action against autism.

Putting Bedtime Fears to Rest
by Susan Hayes
Parent & Child | February,2010
How to put bedtime fears to rest. Expert advice on how to teach your child to fall asleep without fear.

My Tummy Hurts
by Susan Hayes
Parent & Child | December,2009
We asked Yinka Davies, M.D., a pediatric gastroenterologist and mother of two in Sacramento, CA, to explain what lies behind common tummy troubles, plus what parents can do to make them less of a pain for kids.

Get the Best of Breakfast
by Carolyn Buchanan
Parent & Child | November,2009
Major League nutritionist Cynthia Sass provides practical advice for making the first meal of the day a speedy and healthy one.

A Look at Asperger's Syndrome
by Susan Hayes
Parent & Child | October,2009
Expert information on Asperger's Syndrome.

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