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Breaking Barriers Interactives and Printables

Use the interactives and printables below to support the teaching of the Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life educational program, which highlights the significance of Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier in 1947. Breaking Barriers teaches students the characteristics and values that Jackie Robinson exhibited in his life and how to use these values to face barriers in their own lives.

Interactives—New for 2015!

  • About My Father - interactive article on Jackie Robinson with vocabulary and critical-thinking prompts
  • Values and Barriers - digital flashcards/quiz to teach definitions of values
  • Essay Organizer - interactive graphic organizer to help students create an essay outline

These interactives can be used in conjunction with the printables below for class discussion or independent study. For accompanying lessons visit the lesson plans page, or download the poster/teaching guide.

Photos: Lesson 1, Courtesy Robinson Family; Lessons 2 and 3, Courtesy MLB Photos.


About My Father (PDF) [Grades 6–8]
About My Father (PDF) [Grades 6–8]
This grades 6-8 printable gives an overview of Jackie Robinson and how he broke baseball's color barrier. Use with Lesson 1.
About My Father (PDF) [Grades 4–5]
About My Father (PDF) [Grades 4–5]
This printable contains a leveled version of the above Jackie Robinson passage for Grades 4–5. Use with Lesson 1.
Values and Barriers (PDF) [Grades 4–8]
Values and Barriers (PDF) [Grades 4–8]
In this printable, Major League Baseball players discuss how they have faced barriers in their lives by using Jackie Robinson's Nine Values. Use with Lesson 2.
Essay Organizer (PDF) [Grades 4–8]
Essay Organizer (PDF) [Grades 4–8]
This printable teaches important essay-writing steps and can be used in conjunction with the Breaking Barriers Essay Contest. Use with Lesson 3.
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