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2014 Grand Prize winner Raymond Beasley V of Brentwood, CA, with Sharon Robinson.

April 15 marks the anniversary of my father breaking the color barrier in baseball in 1947. The Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life educational program brings the significance of Jackie Robinson’s legacy of change to classrooms with the lessons below and an essay contest.

Created by Major League Baseball and developed with Scholastic, this program has been in schools nationwide since 1997. Breaking Barriers teaches students the characteristics and values that Jackie Robinson exhibited in his life, and how to use these values to face and overcome barriers in students' own lives.

Breaking Barriers is committed to reaching a diverse group of students from across the country. At the heart of the program is the Breaking Barriers Essay Contest, which gives students from all backgrounds the opportunity to write about their own barriers, along with a chance to win valuable prizes. For more information about Breaking Barriers, please visit I hope you and your students enjoy these materials!




Sharon Robinson
Consultant, Community Affairs & Educational Programming, Major League Baseball

Photos: Lesson 1, Courtesy Robinson Family; Lessons 2 and 3, Courtesy MLB Photos.


LESSON 1: What Are Barriers?
LESSON 1: What Are Barriers?
Through reading and class discussion, students will understand who Jackie Robinson was and what the concept of a barrier means.
LESSON 2: Values and Barriers
LESSON 2: Values and Barriers
Through reading and class discussion, students will understand what values are and how they are important in facing barriers.
LESSON 3: Essay Organizer
LESSON 3: Essay Organizer
Students will understand important steps in the essay-writing process as they write an essay that can be entered in the Breaking Barriers Essay Contest.
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