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Explore the Election: How Government Works

Resources to assist you in teaching about how the United States Government works.

Resources to assist you in teaching how the United States Government works. Interactive games and online activities bring the U.S. Constitution and the branches of government to life for students. Includes two printables, "We the Students," and "What's Your Constitution IQ?"


Lesson Plan for Grades 6-8: Celebrate the Constitution
Scholastic News Online | Students explore the various parts of the U.S. Constitution in a game, then complete a worksheet to apply their knowledge.

Forms of Government
Grolier Online | Learn about various forms of government throughout history and the world.

Presidency of the United States
Presidency of the United States
Grolier Online | nullnull,null
This article from The New Book of Knowledge describes the history of the Presidency of the United States.

United States Government
Grolier Online | nullnull,null
The government of the United States is a massive and complex organization. Its purpose is to improve and protect the lives of American citizens, both at home and overseas.


Constitution Game
Constitution Game
Scholastic News Online | Learn about your rights as an American by playing the Celebrate the Constitution game!
Interview Ben Franklin
Interview Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin travels to the 21st century to answer your questions! Conduct a virtual interview and write an actual article that you can print out and save.
You're The President
You're The President
Choose your cabinet and set your budget, but be prepared to explain your decisions to the press! Experience the job of President.
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